Chance Encounters

by john on Feb.07, 2012, under Chance Encounters Films: Chronology, The Timeslip


A business man crosses a busy city street … and awakes trapped in
another time.
London is gone along with the buildings, cars and people;
it has been replaced by a never-ending forest.
The man wanders the wilderness alone, without food or shelter.

Days pass and the man discovers he is not alone and
that the forest holds dangers far worse than wolves …



“A original and fascinating piece … an intriguingly existential
science-fiction short film.”

“A Mystery / Thriller full of intrigue and suspense.”

“Amazingly well sequenced, startling cuts and abrasive score all add
up to a taut 15 minutes of time travel intrigue …
I’d like to see what they could do with a proper budget!?”

“Jonathan and Richard have crafted quite the little Fantasy/
Adventure short film!”

“Chance Encounters delivers a stark, relentless survival tale!”

The theme of a “civilized” man forced to face more the more primal parts of himself  … the sci-fi spin and unique imagery makes for a fun, energetic time all-around …  an absolutely perfect length … Definitely check it out.” DAILY GRINDHOUSE

“This stylish Indie film centers around one man’s travels through time and place, or maybe just travels through his own mind … a solid overall product giving these brothers a promising future in the industry.” CINEMATIC METHOD

“The Timeslip has everything; comedy, suspense and genuine terror. One word … Brilliant.”

“Tension and atmosphere are expertly achieved … The Timeslip hits all the right notes … I look forward to seeing more from the Chance brothers.” PARACINEMA

“Their narrative is suspenseful and well paced holding our interest from start to finish; however, it’s not just a good story, it’s a skillfully crafted film.  Every camera shot, camera angle, and edit, has meaning, and they’re pieced together in a way that adds to the overall feel of the film.” MOVIE ANARCHIST

“Immensely watchable due to Richard’s performance and excellent cinematography … Given a decent script and a good budget I honestly believe these guys could produce something truly spectacular and am intrigued as to what their future plans hold.” CYBERSCHIZOID

“THE TIMESLIP isn’t widely available at this time. If you get the opportunity to see it in any festivals, definitely take it. This film comes with a very high recommendation. THE TIMESLIP is a terrific example of short form storytelling done correctly. The Chance Brothers really distinguish themselves with this film, and are a duo worth keeping track of for any future projects.” TRULY DISTURBING HORROR

“The Chance Bros have struck a chord with their deconstruction of modern times. Whether purposely or incidental, this little film will leave you talking for hours about the time, place and the technology we live in and use. The Timeslip is a thoroughly engaging, thought provoking sci-fi thriller that will question your existence in the world.” HORROR CULT FILMS

“What makes the Chance Brothers’ film The Timeslip different is its lack of exposition and dialogue – it simply happens without warning. It’s inherent dangers do not lie so much in paradoxes as much as in that most complex and unpredictable of variables – man himself.” HORROR NEWS NET

“The tension in the film …  We know that he is not alone but what is out there?  I am not going to spoil the film but we do get that answer.  I enjoyed in the story that the Chance Brothers takes the viewer on. Which goes to show that even with 15 minutes you can create a small world with different avenues of conclusion for the viewer.” HORROR SMORGASBORD

“On the whole, The Timeslip was an excellent short film.  It stayed on track, had an easy to follow plot, and provoked a decent amount of thought.  I give it four and a half stars out of five for imagination, practical production, and writing.” ALMOST NERDY


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