Are you tired of corded tools dangling from the wall and limiting your reach? In addition to this, the wires tangle around furniture. Cordless power tools like the drills, grinders, etc. are a blessing as it gives greater mobility to you. My Tool Shed – cordless impact drive saves a lot of space and also money.According to these cordless tool kits share the same kind of body with lots of accessories but comes with a battery. The cordless tool kit can be costly if you do not make informed decisions. There are lots of choices for a cordless tool kit, so knowing your tools and the various types available before buying one can help you save money.

Below is a list of tools that you may need for small repairs

Cordless Drills – These are used for drilling and driving screws into walls or furniture. The battery used in these drills can be either NiMh, Li-Ion or NiCad. NiMh battery is the most preferred option for its performance, price, and weight. The absence of cords in these drills gives a greater advantage of reaching places under the sink or in areas where electricity is not available. The drills are more potent with higher power ratings.

Cordless impact drivers – This is used to loosen screws and bolts that are overturned or frozen. It looks similar to cordless drills and has a collet which can drive in hex-shanked bits. These drivers can drive screws very long or large screws with minimal time.

Cordless toolkits – A toolkit consists of a drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw and work light. A toolkit is a better option than buying individual tools as they all share a common battery. Buying tools individually mean that you buy batteries, chargers, and tools separately. Check the contents of the toolkits as some tools in the kit might be not useful.

Now that we know more about the tools let us know about the battery types

Li-ion, NiCd, and NiMH are the batteries that are used in various devices. NiCd was once the most popular battery type but was bulky. But the latest Li-ion batteries are light, more powerful and lasts longer and hence the tool becomes less fat and becomes very popular. NiMh batteries are slowly gaining popularity because of its low cost and decent performance.

Consider the following features before you buy Selecting the right tool – There are many types of drills and drivers available in the market, pick the device based on the kind of work. If you are a frequent user of these tools, you may want to buy a combination of instruments or probably a toolkit which has a lot of add-ons.

Comfort – Select tools that fit your hands comfortable, buying too big or too small strains your hand. Some jobs may need you to hold the device for a long time, so based on these factors choose the tool.

Speed and power – Tool gets heavier with more voltage, so for small work choose a low voltage. If the work you do is heavy duty drilling, then opt for a higher voltage.

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