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A space pod crashes from the sky and a body washes up on a Spanish shore line … So begins a tale of one man’s journey of discovery.

The sea is hostile, the place a paradise the people are strange and ice cream is something he’s never tried before.

Far from ordinary he experiences happiness, woes and alienation, human emotions and feelings he has never felt before.

Searching vast landscapes to find another of his kind turns to desperation as a fading sun descends underlining an inevitable truth, and the mysterious people known as the shadow men are rapidly approaching every step of the way …



“The AOF (Action On Film) International Film Festival is one of the fastest growing and most progressive festivals on the scene today.  Our filmmakers demonstrate the tenacity, drive and dedication to their art necessary to become successful in the competitive world of film and video.  Richard and Jonathan Chance two of our most progressive award winners have proven that they are no strangers to adversity while striving to maintain their own voice and tell their own stories.
We recommend both Jonathan and Richard and their work without hesitation, as we believe they will be a true force as they continue on their journey in the realm of entertainment and art.”

Creator, Action On Film Festival

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Locked, bound and chained, a 7ft tall ominous crate arrives at the house of an unsuspecting family, mistakenly delivered to the residence. On the very same night a mysterious death occurs. The family is torn apart thrown in turmoil a young man’s only option is to open it and find out what’s inside.

He calls upon a friend to help him unlock the strange box. They soon realize that a dark supernatural presence is held within and with no other option, they must confront the being and destroy it before the sun sets and evil rises to kill again …




SKY Channel 195, Propeller TV / First Film Strand
London, United Kingdom
September 2008 (Cable/Satellite)

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A small town is infected by a deadly virus, and a frantic cover up is taking place. Three days after the initial contamination several special forces units are sent in on a recognizance mission. Their objective; to measure the effects of the virus and locate survivors unaffected by the plague. The story follows the exploits of SAS Beta team who discover upon entering the town that not all the inhabitants have died from the disease, those that survived the plague have become rabid and wander the streets attacking those unaffected by the virus. Beta team are forced to abandon the streets and seek refuge in a house, their sanctuary quickly becomes a prison as the walking dead surround the building and the battle for survival begins…


“The Veil succeeds where countless of its multi-million dollar and fellow indie counterparts have fallen flat on their faces.”
8.5 /10 – Ulisis Silva – QuietEarth.US

“Splatter-tastic Zombie Flick makes ebola look like a picnic.”
KKKK 4/5 – Nick Ruskell – Kerrang! Magazine

“A zombie-flick shot the avant-garde way: incredibly moody and intense … unusual and interesting … the gasmasked protagonists give the movie an otherworldly feel.”
4/5 Mike Haberfelner – (re)search my trash

“Great zombie action … Awesome Brit flick with bite!”
Mark Bennet – Gorezone Magazine

“The Veil: Heralds the future of Horror. Forget trite comparisons with
other films, this is where it’s at. The Veil packs more visceral punch than Cronenberg on Amphetamine sulphate … see it”

Nigel Buckland – VIDS Review

“The black & white filming helped make the movie seem more desperate & hopeless, more destitute.”
3.5/5 – Zombob –

“The Veil is a very ambitious film and the people behind it deserve a huge amount of credit for managing to realise such a significant vision.”
3/5 – Paul Prichard –

“Gritty, realistic …The Veil is brutal enough to terrify the dead themselves.”
Send More Paramedics

“Frequently inspired … an excitingly ambitious entry in the zombie genre … like a real film that evokes memories of Romero’s original Night Of The Living Dead while still feeling modern … a significant achievement.”

Doug Tilley – Movie Feast

“Fierce and unpredictable … Hellish jolts of panic, death, and doom … The military response is shot in such a way as to involve the viewer in the suffocatingly oppressive onslaught … if you enjoy independent horror films, then add THE VEIL to your collection.”

Bindy Sue Frønkünschtein

“Films like this make you appreciate indie horror in many ways … what the determined filmmaker can accomplish … a creative vision.”
Horror movies and

“A well made movie … I love the unpolished, natural atmosphere created here … Great job guys, make a sequel!’”


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The Timeslip at RADCON 6 Convention in 2 weeks.

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The Timeslip will be showing at Radcon 6, a SCI-FI, Fantasy film festival and convention held in Washington, USA under the Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival.  It begins February 17th – For more information on what days it will be showing check out their website and contact details for exact dates here:

Follow The Timeslip at further festivals and conventions around the country with the Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival contact here for it’s next showing in a city near you:

But wait – It doesn’t end there!

This month The Timeslip also shows at The Angeleno Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Underground Horror Fest in Oklahoma, Tulsa, so here are festivals thus far:

The Timeslip @ Radcon 6 Sci- Fi / Fantasy Convention – :

The Timeslip @ Angeleno Film Festival – Los Angeles, California – :

AND next on MARCH 29TH showing here:

The Timeslip and Apt. @ Underground Horror Fest – Tulsa, Oklahoma


Jonathan Chance

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by john on Jan.10, 2012, under Pictures, SCREENINGS, The Timeslip

After a nice Christmas and New Years we say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012 with a bang! Chance Encounters two films doing the Festival circuit THE TIMESLIP and APT. are certainly making the rounds of the world map!

With some wins, nominations and a handful of selections our successful run of 2011 comes hurtling into the New Year – Straight off THE TIMESLIP will be appearing at the Angeleno Film Festival this month:

The Timeslip @ Angeleno Film Festival – Los Angeles, California – :

AND next on MARCH 29TH showing here:

The Timeslip and Apt. @ Underground Horror Fest – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Not a bad start to the year! More news for 2012:

The release of the best version of the debut feature The Veil will finally be released sometime this year with a ‘good’ distribution company -  something that it seems in this day and age of swindling and exploitation of the indie filmmaker is hard to find… we in hindsight live and learn and wish to bring (since the start) the best possible version available to buy.

This way comes …  Chance Encounters will bring a digital story of epic proportions called THE LAST WAR

FINALLY, more ideas for shorts and a second feature film in the pipeline! Our motto for innovation and originality is helped by your support to spread the word… As the year progresses i can’t wait to share our films with you!


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Last week Indiana’s very own Horror / SCI-FI Film Festival the Geek Independent Film Festival showed both Chance Brother’s The Timeslip and my very own short film Apt.

It was to my great surprise they showed both films and now … with Apt. nominated for the Delta Award at the up and coming the Festival of Fantastic films in Manchester England this Sunday (please do go if you can make it!)  it gives me great pleasure to announce The Timeslip won BEST SCI-FI at the Geek Independent Film Festival!

Richard and I are so happy that the film is being warmly received critically with reviewers and by festivals. With only 5 winning categories at the Geek Independent it makes us very proud to have been chosen as one of them.


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The Geek independent Film Festival will be showing both The Timeslip and Apt. on two different days over the festival in Alexandria, Indiana, U.S . this week. The great news is the proceeds go to charity! If you can make it please do come along!

Here are the times:

Apt. @ Geek Independent Film Festival – Alexandria, Indiana – Saturday October 8th 1:00pm

The Timeslip @ Geek Independent Film Festival – Alexandria, Indiana – Sunday October 9th 1:50pm

There are alot of film screenings happening over the next couple of months so please check back here for updates and check below at the ongoing festival screening list …


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My short film Apt. has now got a UK premiere at Manchester’s very own Festival of Fantastic films – It will be showing on Saturday October 22nd. The yearly horror film festival are renowned for having great guests attending and this year is no exception!

They have some great actors and directors of the golden age of the British horror genre as well as Bobby Rhodes of  Demons, Demons 2 fame – you know it’s going to be a blast!

On top of this I was wonderfully surprised to find Apt. is shortlisted for the Delta Award (the very same award we were nominated for with Chainmail in 2007!) it’s great to see both Apt. and The Timeslip getting into some great festivals this year! Keep checking for more updates on festivals this year and next!


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The Timeslip has recently been officially selected by a few more film festivals across the U.S. Please check out the following festivals for screenings, mark your calenders! The check list   are as follows;

PREMIERE The Timeslip @ The International Action On Film Festival, Pasadena California July 26 2011

The Timeslip @ Geek Independent Film Festival – Alexandria, Indiana – Sunday October 9th 1:50pm

The Timeslip @ Horror Quest Film Festival -  Atlanta, Georgia – 12:30pm  Saturday, October 22 – Cinefest film Theatre:

The Timeslip @ Angeleno Film Festival – Los Angeles, California – Fall 2011 (Watch this space for updates) :

The Timeslip @ Killer Film Fest – Somerville, Massachusetts – Sunday Nov. 6th 2:30pm – Film Block 11 :

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Interview with Cutting Room Floor on THE TIMESLIP Premiere 7/26

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I was lucky enough to get an Interview with Casey at Cutting Room Floor on Chance Encounters films and talk about  our latest film The Timeslip which will be premiering on 26th July at the Action On film Festival, Pasadena, CA - 6pm block Academy 6!

More info / directions at

Listen in on the interview for our works, where we hope to go in future – and all about our new short film The Timeslip Casey from Cutting Room Floor says “Chance Encounters delivers a stark, relentless survival tale!” and hopes anyone; the public, Producers and press should go see!

The Interview

Address for Press / Industry / Producers / Reviewers contact request tickets:                    or me on viewing passes for Premiere : jhnchance at yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Check out the AOF website again for directions and Cutting room Floor with Casey he truly supports Independent film.  Now come along and join me at the premiere of The Timeslip see what people are raving about!

I hope to see you there!

Jonathan Chance

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